As the Head of Handicapping and Course Rating for England Golf, Gemma Hunter is one of the most knowledgeable and respected individuals within the game of golf in England.

Having spent 10 years working in the sports retail industry, Gemma joined England Golf in 2012 and since then has worked closely with CONGU (Council of National Golf Unions), chairing their Technical Committee and sitting as a board member representing England Golf to ensure, where possible, the application of the rules of handicapping are consistent across all Home Unions. She has also represented CONGU on the World Handicap Operations Committee (HOC) and The R&A’s Amateur Status Committee.

  • Question: What happens to ‘No Return’ scores both during and after the transition process?


    During Transition – Scores recorded as NR in your current CONGU record can be different, you could have entered all your scores up until the point you decided to NR, this would mean that the system had worked out an adjusted gross score, giving you a net double bogey for the holes you didn’t return a score or you could have not returned any score and therefore the adjusted gross score becomes a net double bogey for each hole. Either way as long as an adjusted gross score has been recorded it will be included in the transition.

    After Transition in WHS – A No Return from 2nd November will be different. When playing an 18 hole round, you need to complete at least 10 holes for the score to be acceptable for handicap purposes, if you play less that 10 holes the score is disregarded and not included. If you play more than 10 holes, but do not complete the round, you are allocated a nett par for the holes not played (if you play less than 14 holes, the first hole not played will be give Net Par + 1, with the remainder being allocated net pars). Any holes that you start but don’t finish will be given a Net Double Bogey.

    The incomplete score will not be included in any competition results but will still be used for your handicap.”

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