Caldy Junior Team – In Sams’ We Trust

All good things must come to an end!


Despite retaining a slim lead at the top of the Wirral Junior Golf League, the Caldy Junior team suffered their first loss of this year’s campaign to a strong Royal Liverpool side boasting five players with single figure handicaps!

The first match was between our Junior Captain, Captain Sam, currently playing off 8, and Royal’s Matt Dodd Berry who plays off 2! Matt recently won the Midlands Junior Open! In his usual inevitable fashion, Captain Sam lead from the front and calmly brushed aside his opponent 3 and 1! In Captain Sam we trust!


Before moving on to the next match, I would like to wish Captain Sam a belated Happy Birthday! The young lad has just celebrated his 16th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Skipper!

The second match was between our very own Cameron Walker who is currently playing off 8 and Royal’s Nathan Newton; a 3 handicapper. Young Walker came a close second losing 2 and 1! To be fair, your intrepid reporter on the ground and Junior Organiser, is pleased to report that Cameron had plenty of time to reflect on his loss during his long walk home from the club after the match!

Next up was our very own Charlie Criss who plays off 24 and Royal’s Jack Derbyshire who plays off 5. Charlie, unfortunately, came a close second, losing 8 and 7 against a very concentrated Jack!

The fourth match was between our very own Sam Lea who plays off 25 and Royal’s Archie Davis who plays off 9 and stands at about 6 foot +! It must be a Sam thing because our Sam, Sam Number 2, was the eventual winner, winning 3 and 2. In the other Sam we trust as well!

The fifth match was between our very own George Rowan who plays off 28 and our very own and Royal’s Dan Edwards who plays off 9. Dan was the eventual winner, 3 and 2. Despite Dan being a member of Caldy we could not claim these points!

The last match was between our very own Aidan Simpson who plays off 31 and Royal’s Captain, Matty Walsh who plays off 18. This match was a closely fought affair with the lead swinging from one player to the other over the full 18 holes! The respective Junior Organisers were playing social golf behind this pairing and received regular updates as we followed behind. The suspense was too much, but ultimately, Matty won 2 up, to make it 4 and 2 in Royal’s favour!

Although it is disappointing to report a loss to our neighbours at home, it was great to see the game being played in the right spirit. The competitors were a credit to their respective clubs!

A big thank you to Pickled Walnut’s Mark Kershaw and his team for feeding the hungry competitors after the match. As I am sure you will appreciate, it was “Johnny specials” all round followed by a sponge pudding!

I would add that despite the team’s loss, it was a real pleasure playing a round of social golf with Royal’s Junior Organiser, Jim Marshall; a true gent!

Our next match is against Bromborough on Sunday the 14th of July. From now until then, the Junior team will be practising. To this end, your intrepid reporter and Junior Organiser will be seeking our members’ help in playing practice matches against the boys. How about a Captains and Past Captains match against the Junior team? Watch this space!

#WeAreCaldy💪💪 #InSam1AndSam2WeTrust! #It’sALongWalkHomeIfYouLose😂😂