In the last match of the season, the Caldy Juniors were up against Heswall at the Field of Dreams aka Caldy on 30 August 2019.

After being turned over last year in this fixture, the Caldy team knew this would be a tough battle on home soil!

The first match was between our Captain and Swedish lookalike, Sam Johnston and Heswall’s Ev Demetrios. Both of these combatants play off 5 so the match was a scratch affair.  Young Johnston was the eventual winner 8 and 7!  It is always a good omen when your Captain leads from the front! #InSamWeTrust

Next up was our very own Cameron Walker aka Caldy Cam! Cam was up against Heswall’s Dan Kitchen.  Despite having to give Dan eight shots, Cam threw everything but the kitchen sink at his opponent and won his match 4 and 3!  See what I did there?

The next pairing involved our very own Sam Lea. Your JO was delighted to see that Sam had fully recovered after his recent trip to Mexico.  Last Saturday (the 24th of August) some of you may have spotted a very sleepy Sam around the clubhouse. Fair play, the young gent had just returned from Mexico the day before!  Sam was paired against Heswall’s Lewis Body. Sam was the eventual winner, 2 and 1. Your JO would point out that in the light of the windy conditions, it was a good decision on Sam’s part not to don his sombrero!

At this point in the proceedings, you may have guessed that your JO was getting quite excited; not least because we were three out of three and this match could be the league decider!

All eyes were now on our George Rowan coming up the 18th.  George, whose recently had a haircut😂,  was paired against Harry Burgess.  George was the victor, 2 and 1!  The champagne could now go on ice!

The penultimate match involved our very own Anthony Hirons, who was paired against Heswall’s Leo Baldwin.  Although Anthony lost 2 and 1, it is fair to say that he was unlucky because at one point he was 6 down!  We all thought a comeback was on the cards! As an aside, Anthony finished second in the Caldy Junior Open the day before and rumour has it, he had not recovered from the party held the night before!

The last match was between Aidan Simpson and Heswall’s Peter Morris. Despite a valiant effort on Aidan’s part, the  match was halved.

All in all, the Caldy Junior Team won 4.5 to 1.5, which puts them at the top of the League Table and above our local rivals and neighbours, Royal Liverpool.

All eyes are now on the last game of the season between Wallasey and Heswall. Whatever happens, the lowest we can finish is second and more importantly, whatever happens, we will finish above the other club down the road, which I believe is referred to as Hoylake! Yes, that is right, we leapfrogged Royal Liverpool today!

Well folks, that is the end of the Junior League season for 2019 and your JO would like to thank all those that have represented the club in the league this year and for their impeccable behaviour and sportsmanship. You would be hard pressed to meet a better bunch of gents!  The good news for us is that these gents represent this great club and I know we will only go from strength to strength.

I would also like to thank Pickled Walnut for feeding our team and their guests post match throughout the season.  Those Johnny Specials really are special.


The team from left to right Aidan Simpson, Anthony Hirons, Sam Lea, George Rowan, Caldy Cam and some Swedish bloke who looks like Sam Johnston! The team were led by team mascot and star of the future Leonardo Hirons