This Sunday, 11 of July 2021, saw the Wirral Sixes League touch down at the Field of Dreams aka Caldy Golf Club.

The club was awash with some 30 budding, enthusiastic golf superstars from Caldy, Royal Liverpool, Wallasey, Heswall and The Wirral Academy.

The fact that you may have never heard of the Wirral Sixes League is unsurprising, as this is its inaugural season on the Wirral.

The Sixes League is the brainchild of the Golf Foundation.  The main aim of the Sixes League is to get more kids into golf by providing a format which is fun and team based!

Staying with the format, each club initially selects a squad of twelve Juniors with no handicap or a handicap of 37 or above.  In short, the Sixes League is intended for Juniors  who are relatively new to the game.  For each match, each team fields six Juniors. The six Juniors are put into pairs so that on the day, each club has three teams competing. The format is Texas Scramble and is played over SIX holes; hence the name The “Sixes” league.  For each hole, a pair will record their score and then their score is converted into points.  The maximum you can score per hole is 10 points. If the ball is not in the hole after 10 shots, then the score for that hole is 0.  At the end of the match, each individual team’s score is calculated by adding the scores of all three pairs together.

For those of you that are interested in the positive impact of Sixes Golf on membership and golf in general, I invite you to read the Impact Report for 2019 by way of the link below:

As pointed out above, some 30 Juniors descended on the Field of Dreams with a view to doing battle on holes 1, 2, 11, 12 and 13.  As we were playing on a proper course, the JOs all agreed to play 5 holes rather than 6 holes, not least because sunset was scheduled for 10:15pm and there was a game of Association football we may have wanted to watch! Ah the benefit of hindsight!!!😂

On arriving at the club, the Juniors were welcomed by your esteemed JO and treated to an ice-breaking game of “heads or tails” with the winner winning a cap! An apt prize considering the title of the game!

The teams were then put into their groupings, given a chocolate bar and then assigned a starting hole and their own personal scorer in the form of an unsuspecting victim, I mean parent! These parents really do have their uses!😂😇

Once the competitors reached their assigned starting hole, the golf began with a bang!  Just in case, please note that there was not a shotgun in sight!

After doing battle with the course for just over two hours, the competitors were treated to a feast of burger and chips, followed by churros.  For you Jamie Oliver fans out there, you can be rest assured that all five major food groups were accounted for, including chocolate and chips! Whilst the competitors ate, the parents relaxed over a cold beverage whilst your esteemed JO had to get out the abacus to add up all the scores!

Once the competitors had been fed and watered, a prize ceremony took place.

The standard of golf was exceptional with three teams, including Caldy, tying in second place.  The winners on the day were The Wirral Academy with a massive 94 points! #Boom!  Our young heroes were not far behind with a very respectable 89 points!

A big thank you to our Captain, Gordon Fair for agreeing to come along and award the prizes! I think that it is fair to say that our Captain had never experienced such cheers in a golfing environment before! His exact words was that the atmosphere was electric!

Another big thank you to Mark Kershaw and his team at Pickled Walnut for looking after the competitors and their parents!  Absolutely perfect and a real credit to our wonderful club!

Finally, a HUGE thank you to YOU, our members, for supporting this initiative and allowing exclusive use of five holes. This JO really appreciates this!

All in all, a fantastic day was had by all and for this JO, it was nice to showcase our fine club to our visitors!