Yoga for Golf

Yoga for Golf

6 week sessions beginning Thurs 27th June 2019

27th June –  Hands and Wrists – maintain a supple connection to your club

5th July –      Hips and Glutes – bring maximum power to your swing

11th July –    Pre Game Warm-up – prepare your body for your best round ever

19th July –    Core Strengthening – essential for trunk rotation and power

25th July –    Rotator Cuff and Arms – improve your shoulder rotation and function

2nd Aug –     Post Round Restorative – recover from the physical effects of the game


£45.00 for the six sessions

£32.00 for four sessions

All sessions 09:00 -10:00am


See and feel a difference in your body and your game!!!


Please sign up in the Foyer at the Golf Club